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Last weekend we were at a local Hamptons hang having dinner and the TV in the restaurant was tuned to “American Ninja Warrior.” If you’ve been living in a cave the past few years “ANW” is a jaw-dropping competition where folks have to complete a series of obstacle courses designed to test the absolute limits of your body and mind. These courses kick butt. Everything from hand-over-hand tire swings to mountain climbing and log rolling above pools of water. The competition began in Japan as “Sasuke” and morphed into American Ninja Warrior this side of the Pacific.

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She had me at the double bass.

“Is that an upright bass in your car?”

“Uh…. Yeah…. “ Impish grin.

“You play the bass?” I asked, not sure why I was so incredulous.

“Yup. Pasadena Symphony. Been with them a while now… I love your show. The whole orchestra listens!”

Ok. That never hurts.

He was a big man. And he hated bullies.

My Dad stood about 6’3” 250 lbs. A giant to my young eyes. Strong. Powerful. Intimidating. He earned the nickname “The Bear.” His hands were like paws. Lucky for me he didn’t anger easily. But when he did it was memorable….

“I’m fairly certain YOLO is just Carpe Diem for stupid people.” --Jack Black


Doing radio for almost 3 decades I’ve had a fair share of “YOLO moments”. It’s an acronym meaning “you only live once”… I.E. “well that sucked but hey---YOLO”! Yolo’s kind of a dumbass excuse for screwing up. Think “my bad” with an added level of positive reinforcement… “Ah well----“ sigh----smile--- “you live and learn… !” And then you move on.