Broadway to Main Street

Sundays at 3pm

BROADWAY TO MAIN STREET is devoted to music that began on the Broadway stage.  Each episode of “Broadway to Main Street”—will celebrate an important show or legendary songwriter or examine a historical or cultural movement.  The songs will be drawn from classic albums, rare recordings, and surprise interpretations, supplemented by host Laurence Maslon’s commentary, guest appearances, and news from Broadway.

“Every song we’ll play will have originated on Broadway, but in addition to the stars who made these songs famous, we’ll also hear from the great artists of film, popular recording, jazz, and the cabaret scene, and discover some of their majestic interpretations of this glorious music, in order to give our listeners a sense of how vast, how entertaining and how enlightening the American musical stage has been for over a century.  Whether our listeners have tuned in from their living room or their car radio or one of those new fangled mobile devices, they’re going to have the best seat in the house.”


What are the fifteen most popular songs from the Broadway canon?  We'll do a Top 15 Countdown--from West 54th Street to West 41st Street; from Sixth Avenue to Eighth Avenue--of the songs that topped the charts.  You'll be surprised at what made the list:  but rest assured you'll hear the very best of Broadway, this Sunday at 3PM.

Breathless Cy

Oct 4, 2015

Is there anything better than a Cy Coleman score?  We celebrate the jazzy, rhapsodic, and funky tunes of this great composer. Scores from Little Me, Sweet Charity, Barnum, and On The Twentieth Century and songs performed by Barbra Streisand, Michael Crawford, Bobby Short, Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney and more.

Music That Makes Me Laugh

Sep 28, 2015

Here are some of the funniest songs ever written for the musical theater--writers include Noel Coward, Comden and Green, Cole Porter--performed by expert clowns such as Kristin Chenoweth, Robert Morse, Phil Silvers, Groucho Marx and more.  Please don’t drive while listening to this episode!