Broadway to Main Street

Sundays at 3pm

BROADWAY TO MAIN STREET is devoted to music that began on the Broadway stage.  Each episode of “Broadway to Main Street”—will celebrate an important show or legendary songwriter or examine a historical or cultural movement.  The songs will be drawn from classic albums, rare recordings, and surprise interpretations, supplemented by host Laurence Maslon’s commentary, guest appearances, and news from Broadway.

“Every song we’ll play will have originated on Broadway, but in addition to the stars who made these songs famous, we’ll also hear from the great artists of film, popular recording, jazz, and the cabaret scene, and discover some of their majestic interpretations of this glorious music, in order to give our listeners a sense of how vast, how entertaining and how enlightening the American musical stage has been for over a century.  Whether our listeners have tuned in from their living room or their car radio or one of those new fangled mobile devices, they’re going to have the best seat in the house.”

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Ways to Connect

Our annual Halloween show shrieks on the scene with full moons rising; performances by Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Al Jolson, and others of Broadway classics, hosted by Count Larry Maslon; "Vaaa-hooo!!" This Sunday at 3PM, live or streaming.

We celebrate the 60th anniversary of this monumental classic with renditions of the Bernstein/Sondheim score by Audra McDonald, Barbra Streisand, Stan Kenton, Sarah Vaughan, along with the original cast recording. This Sunday at 3PM, live or streaming.

The great innovative jazz pianist Bill Evans turned his genius to the Broadway catalogue over and over again. Music from On The Town, Silk Stockings, Porgy and Bess, and more, joined on vocals by Tony Bennett and Anita O'Day. This Sunday at 3PM, live or streaming.

The first decade of our current century brought some musical bonanzas to Broadway, shows that were incredibly influential and popular: Wicked, The Producers, Mamma Mia!, In The Heights and more. This Sunday at 3PM, live or streaming.

We’re ringing in 5778 with a celebration of the Jewish contribution to the American musical, with renditions by Al Jolson, Barbra Streisand, and Joel Grey. Songs from The Rothschilds, March of the Falsettos, Caroline or Change, and, of course, Fiddler on the Roof. This Sunday at 3PM, live or streaming.