Brian Cosgrove

Listen to the Afternoon Ramble on Wednesday, December 21. Brian Cosgrove will be joined by Alec Baldwin for a special edition of the Afternoon Ramble! Don't Miss It! Listen to 883wppb!

Tune in today at 3pm to hear Brian speak with comedian Tom Papa on the Afternoon Ramble with Brian Cosgrove! Tom will be performing at Guild Hall of East Hampton this Saturday.

Brian Cosgrove's Top 5 Albums of 2015

Dec 4, 2015

Brian Cosgrove, host of the Afternoon Ramble, gives us his top 5 albums of 2015:

Alec Baldwin on The Afternoon Ramble

Aug 20, 2015

Many thanks to Alec Baldwin for spending the entire afternoon on Tuesday, August 18th playing music and talking for the whole 4 hours on the Afternoon Ramble with Brian Cosgrove! Don't forget to catch AR Monday through Saturday from 1 - 5pm on WPPB.

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