David Richardson

Come From Away (you figure that name out yourself) opened the other night at the Gerald Schoenfeld on Broadway and despite that it is really just an excellent off-Broadway musical trying to make the big time world of Broadway, it’s pretty darned good with some excellent music and a great cast of unknowns.

Who needs an enormous staircase replete with an enormous chandelier? Well certainly not Glenn Close who has once again achieved the pinnacle of musical dominance in the revival of Sunset Boulevard which opened Thursday night at the Palace Theater on Broadway. She blew us away some 23 years ago in the role of Norma Desmond and she wows us once again in one of my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber shows. Incidentally he now has 4 shows running at once on Broadway but Sunset, in my mind, is right now the best of the foursome.

The Present, Reviewed by David Richardson, Theatre Critic

Jan 12, 2017

It seems to be the season of Russia. Not only are we tied up with Putin in his daring do of wrecking our democratic party but on Broadway we now have two more reasons to either love or hate Russia and perhaps their writers. First, we had a very good production about one chapter of War and Peace called Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 and now we have a totally unknown Chekov play first seen by at least one person back around the turn of the century and transposed to the 1990's. It opened at the Barrymore on Broadway and it’s called, somewhat confusingly, The Present.

Bring your insect repellent, a fly swatter and leave anybody at home who might not want to be exposed to Zika and you’ll be fine watching this off the walls one man ear curdling adventure called The Encounter which opened at the Golden Theater Thursday night. It’s different…way different and will either fascinate you are send you screaming out of your tight seats and heading home as soon as you can extricate yourself.

I hardly ever believe anyone who tells me I have to go see a particular show especially if it’s not on Broadway. Last week, however, 3 friends of mine and a famous writer of musicals told me separately that I must venture out of New York and go see the Bay Street Theater’s (the one in Sag Harbor) production of My Fair Lady.