Theater Review

Come From Away (you figure that name out yourself) opened the other night at the Gerald Schoenfeld on Broadway and despite that it is really just an excellent off-Broadway musical trying to make the big time world of Broadway, it’s pretty darned good with some excellent music and a great cast of unknowns.

The revival of Fiddler on the Roof opened Sunday night at the Broadway Theater and I guess I have to say it’s better than ever and I fought saying that because how does one make a comparison to one of the great musicals of all times which I first saw in 1964. The dancing is simply sensational, the orchestrations the best ever and the cast certainly gives it a super effort to keep us memorized. If you have never seen it (and unless you’re under 6 you probably haven’t) it’s a must see for anyone looking for Broadway's best. 

I first saw The Color Purple back in 2005 when, as I remember, it starred a refrigerator and washing machine, not to mention La Chanze, and I panned it. I, therefore did not look forward to seeing it again even if the Producers were going to trot out Jennifer Hudson to make sure the show would sell tickets. 

The much awaited School of Rock (The Musical) opened the other night at the cavernous Winter Garden Theater on Broadway and if you love kids, have percussion proof eardrums and don’t mind a whacky Jack Black look-alike hop all over the stage you are going to have yourself a Helluva good time.

Misery, Reviewed by David Richardson, Theatre Critic

Nov 16, 2015

You know I never see a production or read about a show I’m about to review before they open. This time, however, I fell prey to a friend who suggested that we should go see Misery the 1990 movie that starred Kathy Bates and James Caan before we see the show which was scheduled to open at the Broadhurst Theater on Broadway and star Laurie Metcalf and Bruce Willis. That was a big mistake on my part since the Oscar winning role played by Ms. Bates was so over the top that no one could come close (and believe me Laurie tried) to that performance.